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Where’s He Gone Then?


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September 15th ’06

Question: “Dennis, do you ever go and watch the local lower league teams such as Littleport, Fordham, Ely Crusaders, Witchford etc, to see if any players could do a job for you? Or if they have any young players who you could bring on? Or do you just go for players you already know from other teams?” – Question from Jonny Chase

Answer – “If you ask most people I probably watch more local football than anyone else. If I have any free time at all you will find me at a local game also on Sunday mornings.And I also have a team of people keeping an eye on the local scene any they often phone me with some tips.” (Dennis)

August 18th ’06

Question: “Dennis, There are a few players that have disappeared off the rada. Can you confirm if they’ve left the club and maybe tell us where they’ve gone?

Ryan Bates, Lawrie Carter, Stephen Spriggs, Graham Retallick, Arry Scarborough, Steve Tuck are still listed as 1st team squad members but we haven’t seen them this season.” – Question from John Glover

Answer – “Ryan Bates and Stephen Spriggs have left the club, Lawrie Carter is in Australia for several months and will sign when he gets back. Arry Scarborough has been training but probably will not sign, Graham Retallic has retired because of injury to his knee and Steve Tuck is signed but he is working
away in Scotland for a few weeks.” (Dennis)

April 4th ’05

Question: “Do you think we’ll keep the majority of this squad next season? I don’t know the finances of the club but can we afford to pay our best players enough to keep them at the club when in the past players have disappeared for an extra £10. ” – Question from a City Fan

Answer – “We are hoping to keep all the current squad and bring in maybe 3 or 4 in the summer. Top of our list is a striker who can score 20 goals + a season, this will all depend on the club within the next few weeks when we can all sit down and talk about the future of the club. My idea was not to bring instant success to the 1st team and then struggle in the top division, but try to build the whole club along with Dennis so the club can keep on improving every season from the under 18s upwards. The money is always a problem; I feel we need to increase the budget slightly to attract the players we have targeted and push for a top three place next season. Maybe player sponsorship of our better players will help keep them at the club? If a sponsor can pay a percentage of the players wages this would be a good idea if we can find the right people to do so. If anyone has any ideas let us know as we have got to re-kindle a interest back in the club from the people of Ely. ”. (Steve Taylor)

April 2nd ’05

Question: “Has Ben Green re-signed? I heard that he’d been training with us when he broke his ankle.” – Question from John Glover (Web-Ed)

Answer – “Ben Green did train with us and broke his ankle in the process. When Ben decided to leave to gain more experience we parted on good terms on the under standing the door will be open for him if he wants to return”. (Steve Taylor)

November 25th ’04

Question: “Steve, is it true we are looking to attain the services of young Newmarket town striker James Walker? Are there any other areas we are looking to strengthen to push us up the table.” – Question from an Ely City fan

Answer – “We are always looking to strengthen if we can.” (Steve Taylor)

November 24th ’04

Question: “Mark Baker, Steve Walsh, Colin Wells, Jason Bannie, Seb Cameron, Jimmy Unwin, Marlon Brugge, Andy Moye, Adam Kemp, Nick Finney, Stacey Allen, Jamie Thurston, Dan Munns. The list goes on. Steve, all these players have left the club for one reason or another since you have come back to the club at the start of last season. All of which have gone onto to play at the same level or higher with the exception of Bertie, who has retired and Jamie Thurston. Do you think that this has anything to do with your man management? As I’m sure the players that you wanted to keep at the club would have stayed if it came to the crunch. Obviously in football there are going to be some players that you don’t want but surely you can’t let that many players leave a great club like Ely City?” – Question from Jake Poole

Answer – “Jake, it’s obvious you don’t follow the club on a regular basis as you would have known why these players are no longer with the club. To question my man management skills is a little wrong but I will answer your questions for all of these players mentioned.

Mark Baker could not commit himself on a regular basis. Steve Walsh lives in Norwich and the travel is too much for him but still watches us when he can. Colin Wells moved to Oxfordshire. Jason Bannie lives in Peterborough and left because of the travel. He just plays local now. Seb Cameron not good enough in my opinion – who is he playing for now? Jimmy Unwin could not get a regular place and now plays for Chatteris Town, his home town club. Marlon Brugge plays for Gt Shelford. He came with Whammo. Andy Moye is still registered to play for Ely but cannot commit himself as he’s started a new job. Adam Kemp wanted guaranteed 1st team football and left after 2 games under Whammo. Nick Finney is playing for Shelford and wanted to play local football to concentrate on coaching. Jamie Thurston came with Whammo left while Wham was here. I’ve never even heard of Stacey Allen? Dan Munns lives in London and could not commit himself every week but still stays in touch.

Is that ok Jake or do you want to blame me for anything else?” (Steve Taylor)

November 4th ‘04

Question – “Steve, I’ve been following Ely 1st team for a few years now and wanted your thoughts on the U18 set up. Its great to see the club reform this level of football back to the club and I have been to watch them a few times and been very impressed with some of the players. Have you got any lined up as future first teamers? Do you think you will keep them at the club?” – Question from John

Answers – “The U18’s are the future of the club. I have used Arry Scarborough, Ryan Buddle and Alex Callier in the 1st team. There are two more who will also be given the chance to: Ginge and Batesey. Ashley Taylor is a regular 1st teamer. I do think we can keep them at the club as a few are playing for the reserves and A team on a regular basis” (Steve Taylor)

October 27th ’04

Question – “How do you think you will get on Saturday. Stanway look in good form?” – Question from Jamie Stone

Answer – “Thanks for your question Jamie. Saturday will be a tough game for us. Stanway have won their last 6 games, but I’m hopeful we can score against them and make a game of it. If we do then we could be the team who stops their winning run.” (Steve Taylor)

October 27th ’04

Question – “Watched the game last night and really enjoyed it. Ely did not stop attacking – the kind of football I like to see. I was very impressed with the 2 wingers: Chatters and Taylor – is he your lad? I thought those two always looked a threat. Are u pleased with the result Steve? And also looking on Wisbech Town web site you seem to be one of the contenders for the vacant job. Would it tempt you?” – Question from Jay

Answer – “Thanks Jay for your kind comments. We will always try to win any game, we have just not had the rub of the green lately and the way the team played last night was a credit to them. Ashley, who plays wide right, is my lad. He is only 17 and he is still learning but he will get better as the season goes on. I was pleased with the result as we need some confidence as we have a very tough November ahead with 5 away games. On the Wisbech thing, it’s the first I have heard of it, and I am only worried about Ely City.” (Steve Taylor)

October 27th ’04

Question – “I’ve just read on the Wisbech Town website that you’ve quit as boss, is this true?… I’ve noticed that quite a few good players have already departed this year so it doesn’t look that good for the rest of the season” – Question from ‘Sam C’

Answer – “Sam, I have not quit as boss of Ely. I don’t where some of these comments come from? But I can assure you I have a lot more work to do at Ely City and I have the Chairman’s backing. Players will come and go people have to realize that we train the players and have a lot more contact than anyone else and certain things don’t work out. Supporters will only see what goes on match days and with all due respect a lot more is involved than just a match day.” (Steve Taylor)

October 27th ’04

Question – “I just can’t believe that Jimmy Unwin has left to go to play for Chatteris. He has so much potential. The same as Ben Green. You must feel disappointed in the players choices as it does not benifit them. What’s your views, Steve.” – Question from ‘Gaz’

Answer – “Hi Gaz , yes it is very disappointing that these players have left the club. I was hoping that Ben Green would turn out to be something special, as did Cambridge City, who were interested in him but Ihope he does realize he is to good at the level he is playing at now! I just hope his own standards do not drop as well and maybe the Ridgeon’s league will see a lot more of him. With Jimmy, he has great potential but has struggled on the fitness side of the game and that is essential at this level. I was hoping he would stick it out but he decided to play for his home town club and I respect that.” (Steve Taylor)

October 23rd ’04

Question – “Jimmy Unwin has left the club, are u disappointed in Jimmy’s attitude as it seems to me as if he didn’t try hard enough to keep a place in the team or u didn’t give him long enough to prove himself what are ur thoughts on this, Steve?” – Question from ‘Gaz’

Answer – “Jimmy has left the club. I had asked Jimmy to play for the reserve side, which he declined. I didn’t think he was ready for the a starting place in the 1st at present.” (Steve Taylor)

October 20th ’04

Question: “Steve, quick question. Who do you think will go up this year because it doesn’t seem at present that one team will walk the league as it has in recent years. Also do you think you have a realistic chance of promotion or will there be nothing to play for come Feb 2005 there seems to be a gap forming with the top 8 starting to pull away from the rest! Your views please” – Question from Len

Answer – “Hello Len, I agree with you the league seems very open this season March and Walsham have had good starts but can they keep it going? I would say Haverhill and Ipswich Wanderers have the squads this season and I would guess both of them for promotion. We have had a bad start but we will keep plugging away we need to go on a run with something like 6 wins in a row to put pressure on the teams above us.” (Steve Taylor)

October 20th ’04

Question: ‘After watching the side in recent weeks it is clear that we are in need of a tough tackling centre half, anything in the pipe line?’ – Question from Tony Pace

Answer – “I think we have them in Jamie Smith and Tony Brown when they are fit.” (Steve Taylor)

October 19th ’04

Question: ‘How the heck are you lot being able to keep Chatters there? No disrespect to Ely but he has the best left foot in the league let alone in the premier. Is it really loyalty that keeps him at Ely if so he is crazy or is he just waiting for Newmarket Town to come in for him’ – Question from Jay

Answer – “I have known Andy and his family for years we are good very good friends and he is my skipper. Football is about enjoyment and Andy enjoys it at Ely he has lots of offers from better teams than Newmarket but give us time at Ely and you will see the reasons why he has been so loyal.” (Steve Taylor)

October 14th ’04

Question – “Steve, I feel you make many excuses when we lose. So, what’s the one for Saturday (against Tiptree)? Were they a poor side we should have beat?” – Question from a Fan

Answer – “To the fan with no name? I say what I think and put my name to it! If you were at the game on Saturday you would have seen with your own eyes why we lost the game. Question answered.” (Steve Taylor)

October 8th ’04

Question – “I watched the game on Tuesday night and I would like to say well done to your boys. I thought Mr Chatters did well, back at The Hall, and your team looked very promising. Although, I would like to know your thoughts on the fact that Trevor Munns rested players (taking nothing away from your team) for a cup competition that we probably have more of a chance winning than the League? Personally, I was upset that he showed little respect for a big competition!” – Question from Steve M from Mildenhall

Answer – “Thanks for your compliments, Steve. My team have been suffering from injuries and suspensions of late and maybe Trevor has had a look at our results and under estimated us? We were unable to field a full strength team ourselves as David Cornwell was not playing because of illness and Baz Smith was injured. I think on the night we rode our luck early on but as the game went on I thought we deserved the win? Personally I cannot give you the answers why Trevor has rested some of his players! I think some managers at this level watch too much TV and take too much notice of the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea and their resting of players. Let’s be realistic – we are not at their level nor do we have the squads to rotate anyway. My way of thinking is to put out your strongest team and try to win every match. ” (Steve Taylor)

October 7th ’04

Question – “Just a quick question, Steve. Why haven’t you been playing Bruiser (Tony Brown) or Jimmy Unwin? Are they injured or just not fit, as I hear Tony is the best centre half in the league!” – Question from Whitey

Answer – “Whitey, Tony has been injured and should be back in a few games time – he has had a ankle problem. ‘The best centre half in the league’? Tony has a lot learn before he can be considered for that. Jimmy Unwin has also been injured. He’s just lacking fitness at present and a few games in the reserves should help him become ready for selection. ” (Steve Taylor)

October 3rd  30th ’04

Question: ‘Steve, You have signed a lot of new players for this campaign, only a few of which have the experience at this level. You obviously think they are good enough as you wouldn’t have signed them, which I’m sure you’ll agree is fair enough. However, after an appalling start to the season are you having second thoughts about these players? In my opinion there are two or three players that I would bring back to the club who were deemed not good enough for Ridgeon’s league football who are now actually playing UCL 1, Ryman 1 and UCL Prem. Having watched each of them play in various competitions I believe they are all doing well. Having said that I have 100% respect for you as a manager, I just think it’s a shame you let these players leave, or however it happened I don’t know as I don’t have a lot to do with the club apart from watching a few games a season. This is just my opinion which I hope you will respect as I will yours.’ – Question from Sam Carter

Answer – “Sam , thank you for your comments. Who are these players we have let go to other clubs? It has been a disappointing start for us this season. I think the squad we have here is as good as the ones that have got promoted in the past but it’s taking time to gel all the players as we have had some injuries and suspensions that have had a big say on the team we pick. We are trying to rebuild the whole football club as managers, from myself to the U18s and it will take time! Promotion this season is a huge ask but the future of the club to keep growing is important to us all to get that platform built of having players come through the production line is a must and credit must go to the colts set up and all the managers from the under 7s to ourselves. I have my own plan to make this club into one of the top 3 clubs in Cambridgeshire in the coming years – lets hope my plan can work”. (Steve Taylor)

September 28th ’04

Question: ‘I take it that you now have three first team keepers then, what will happen when they are all fit? Surely they all won’t be able to get a game every week? Do you have an idea of who would be your number one if they were all fit?’ – Question from Tom 

Answer – ” Yes, I do have three very good goalkeepers on our books now when they are all fit it will be up to them who gets the jersey – it’s a competition. We have 3 senior sides here so the other two would filter down and wait for their chance! Yes, I do have a idea who will be the number 1 but I’m not prepared to put names forward”. (Steve Taylor)

September 25th ’04

Question – “Just wondered where Moyesey and Jimmy Unwin are? I saw Moyesey’s made a couple of fleeting appearances but no sign of Jim. Hopefully I’ll get up there to see a game this season. All the best for the season and say hello to the lads for me.” – From Dan Munns 

“Hi Dan, hope you are well ? Andy has started a new job and has not trained as much so he is lacking fitness also he picked up a knee injury we hope he will be back in the squad very soon. Jim also picked up a shoulder injury and is in the 1st team squad today if they both stay injury free they should both be in contention for a starting place soon ” – Steve Taylor

September 25th ’04

Question – “Hello Steve, just thought I would point out that I think that the team Ely have this season looks very strong, I watched pre season and the good victory over Downham. The team has good depths and I will look forward to Ely’s’ future.” – From John Heart

“Thanks John for your comments, it is a rebuilding programme for the club at the present time with some talent coming through the ranks with the under 18s this season and the gap between the colts being closed up this is the future of the club. We all hope that this development will continue and the 1st team should benefit in the coming years and also the club in whole with the reserves and A team. To be honest I have been disappointed by our start this season and we will need to improve! Myself and Dennis are always looking to strengthen the team and I don’t think we are that far away but a few more additions will be joining us within the next few weeks and we hope to have a good solid squad of players and we can achieve something this season ” – Steve Taylor

September 7th ’04

Question – “Hello Steve, Are you surprised or shocked in any of the way teams have started this season. Take Stanway, they lost 3 out of 4 games usually promotion candidates! March undefeated so far usual relegation candidates strange starts by both teams. Anyone else catch your eye! ” – Question from Bazza

Answer – “I am a little surprised but I did predict that this season will be a close season as most of the teams are evenly matched and capable of beating each other. All it needs is for a team to go on a 10 match unbeaten run and gaps will soon appear. As for March they have had the majority of their squad playing together through the youth set up for a few years, and a lot of teams are rebuilding at present but injuries and suspensions can have a massive say on who will get promoted this season we have had 6 players missing for a few weeks now they are back lets hope we can go on a good run. ” (Steve Taylor)

August 27th ’04

Question – “Is Jamie Smith going to be a regular centre back for Ely this year? Although he is ok, I feel he is better suited to the reserves standard as we can surely get a quality stopper to lay with Jordan sweeping up? ”

Answer – “I hope Jamie will be a regular in the 1st team as soon as his match fitness improves he played for me before when we got promoted last time he is a good strong player who is always looking to improve. ” (Steve Taylor)

August 30th ’04

Question – “What has happened to Nick Finney? ” – Question from Greenie

Answer – “Nick Finney is playing for Great Shelford in the Cambs prem. He was invited back to Ely but could not commit himself as he was doing a coaching course ” (Steve Taylor)

August 17th ’04

Question – “I was just wondering that now Martin Grey is back from university will he play in a regular position or will you use his versitility in other positions. Martin is without doubt the best young prospect at the club and although he has a dodgey haircut,it would be in Ely’s best interest to use his skills wisely.Have you any other good young players in the reserves that you are thinking of using Steve? ”

Answer – ” Martin is a valued member of the squad and will pay a big part in the team we hope this season…. also we have some real good prospects in the u18 team hoping to get 3 or 4 from them by the end of the season.” ” (Steve Taylor)

March 25th ’04

Question – “Having recently read the question and answers page from top to bottom I find it laughable that you, Steve, say that players are picked on ability (fair enough), commitment to the club and most of all ambition. I, and this is no way meant in a derogatory way, would disagree with this statement. Loyalty is a big factor in football and there were one or two players who were at every pre-season training session who haven’t even been considered for the 1st team this year! One player has been as good as kicked out of the club, three players who never turned up at pre-season started the first games of the season and have now left, one player came to pre-season once and was put into the first game of the season. I believe that the club would be better off if you had more loyal players who wear that red shirt with pride. Unlike Andy Chatters, Richard Harnwell, Jason Bannie and Gareth Lippiat. In my opinion if you had stuck with the squad from last season the club as a whole would have benefited. Fair enough they got relegated but surely that would have made them stronger for this campaign. What are your views on this matter Steve?” – From Ryan Joss

Question – “Dear Ryan, thanks for you questions and comments. As for your first point about players coming to pre-season training and not getting picked: I was not involved with pre-season at all so I cannot comment as Whammo was in charge. No player has ever been kicked out of the club! Players who join the club or have been in the 1st team the previous season tend to leave the club rather than play for the reserves. As for players being loyal to the club: I as a manager would never stand in a players way if they were offered a higher standard of football. Some of the wages these players have been offered are too good to turn down sometimes. Even though I don’t like players leaving we try to part on good terms as football is a small world. This was the case this week as I have just re-signed Andrew Chatters back from Wisbech. For your last comment about sticking with the same players from last season who were relegated? I do not agree – the team was not good enough in my opinion. That is why I am now in the process of putting a squad together for next season’s campaign. The squad is stronger now and the team is getting better. We will be a force next season in Division 1 as more players will come and go before I get it right. Only then can people judge what I’m trying to do in building a club not just a team.” – Steve Taylor

March 16th ’04

Question – “In your opinion Steve, do you think that teams like Somersham, Thetford, Downham Town and Warboys are good enough to compete in the Ridgeons League? Also, do you think that the current Somersham players are good enough for the Ridgeons League?”

Answer – “In my opinion, Yes, I do feel all the teams mentioned are good enough for this level. As a manager I respect any side we play against and every team has a few players that make them tick. The only problem is if these players are missing for a few games then the wheels fall off and because these teams don’t have a strong squad of players it seems to affect them. You only have to look at the tables, I would rather play local teams than travel right across Suffolk or Essex. ” (Steve Taylor)

March 3rd ’04

We had an email in from a lady called Anne Vandorf a couple of weeks ago regarding Peter Care’s question (see below). Steve’s computer has been down for a couple of weeks so I’ve been unable to post a reply. If Anne sees this, please can you email me again at this address:

[email protected]. (Johnny Glover – Web-Ed)

February 9th ’04

Question – “Glad to see you replied to the letter in the Ely Standard some good answers. I hope your wife is well now? I don’t know you as a person Steve but I do know you are the right man to get Ely back up. I know a lot of managers in the leagues, ie: Steve OD, Trever Munns, Chris Tovey, Kevin Pritchard. All these have respect for you and talking to them they all agree that you rather than Martin Pammenter is the best man for the job. I live in Cambridge and have not seen you play a lot this season the 1 game I did see was against City Reserves and I thought you did show a professional attitude in the dug out that day while your counterpart was a disgrace on the pitch with some comments directed at the city players and management. Good luck and I will visit you again soon.” – From Jack ”

“Thank you Jack. It’s nice to see that some people believe in what I’m trying to do. Thank you for your support. Next time you are at the ground, introduce yourself and I will buy you a beer.” – Steve Taylor

February 8th ’04

Question – “I would just like to congratulate Reg Barker on his appointment, I think this is a great decision by the club. I myself am a referee from Ely and follow local football when I can but do not have much spare time. I have met Reg a few times at Mildenhalll supporting the first team and also when assisting on the youth league, as their U18s manager. Also I have had the (dis)pleasure, only joking, of refereeing him as a player at West Row Gunners last year. He is in my opinion an excellent coach and has great ability in encouraging younger players to better themselves and I would like to wish all the team at the Unwin ground, both on and off the pitch, all the success in their futures and hope your promotion back to the Ridgeons Premier is not to far away. And Reg, I hope you sorted out those first teamers playing for West Row against Cottenham!”

“Thank you for your words of encouragement for Reg. I’m sure myself and him will get the club back in the premier in the future. I’m looking forward to working with him and it’s nice to know we have the backing of some supporters” – Steve Taylor

February 7th ’04

Question – “What make you any better than Whammo? He took the team over when it was down and out and players were leaving all over the place. I think he should have been given a fair crack at it, as at present the team is still playing very ruff and don’t look like improving” – Question from David Ensign

Hello David, thanks for the question. I have never said that I’m any better than Whammo. It was the club’s decision to relieve him of his duties – not mine. The only thing I have is experience at managing in the Ridgeons league as I’ve been doing it for the last 8 years and I am also a qualified coach. Also, I did play at this level and in the premier for a number of years so I am no novice. You must have a short memory or have not been watching the Robins for very long. I took over last time from Alan Biley when the team had just finished bottom of the premier and were relegated. I had two 1st team players left in Gary Cowling and Paul Jordan and I brought in 20+ players that season and we were promoted. For the team playing rough at present? I have only had 1 game in charge against Harwich who are running away with the league so I find that comment a little harsh. David I do respect your opinion and I can assure you it wont be to long before Ely start to play better football and I hope you will continue to support us and maybe comment later in the season” – Steve Taylor

January 27th ’04 – This was actually sent on 21st.

Question – “Steve- not a question, as I Know the answer! You are the right man to get Ely back where they belong in the premiere. I wish you, the lads and club a great second half to the season.” – from Rob Swain

Answer – “Thanks Rob for your support. It’s nice to know some people are behind me and I hope I don’t let them down. The players will be informed of your support. I will be doing my utmost to get this club back to the premier in the future”. (Steve Taylor)

January 24th ’04

Question – “What has happened to Whammo, and why has he left the club? I gather something has happened. Just wanted to know what. So, Steve if you would be kind enough to let us all know on what i think could be a delicate matter we would all appreciate it.”

Answer – “The answer to your question: Whammo was sacked on Monday evening by the club. It was put to a vote and the committee decided it was time for a change. He was offered to continue with the club as a player, which he declined to do. I had no input into their decision and was asked to continue to run the 1st team alone. I hope this answers your question. ” (Steve Taylor)

January 24th ’04

Question – “Two questions really. First of all after reading your comments about “Whammo” in the Standard – quote -“The results probably haven’t helped Martin and his performances probably haven’t helped”. Was there any rifts forming between the pair of you and did you feel you could no longer work with him? As the last bit of the statement seemed a bit harsh, talk about kicking someone whilst there down. Second of all, what are your opinions of the standard of refereeing this season as not only have you come down a division but also because of the restructuring there are now lower graded referees officiating your games. ”

Answer – “In answer to your first question: No, there was no rift between us as we are still good friends. The decision wasn’t mine to sack him, it was the club’s. There were 11 or 12 committee members who voted on the matter. On the quote about his performances – again, it depends how you read into it. Anybody who has been to any of our games might agree that he has not been playing very well and Saturday did not help as the man he was marking scored a hat-trick from midfield. Second question: In my opinion I think the standard of referees and lineman have dropped as a level 7 referee can now run the line as a assistant referee. I feel this is wrong and all clubs should make their feelings known at the Ridgeons AGM at the end of the season. ” (Steve Taylor)

January 21st ’04

Question – “Down, down, deeper, deeper, down, down! How come you are in the bottom half of the league when you have signed all these new players who were mostly playin in the prem last year? Is it because your management skills aren’t as good as you think or maybe you are letting your heart rule your head with certain players? i.e. if ya face don’t fit you’re out of the 1st team: e.g. Gareth Arter, or perhaps even out the club? ”

Answer – “I do not agree with your comments. We would be 8th in the league if the Godmanchester and Somersham games hadn’t been abandoned. In both games we were leading so the league position looks worse than it is. I would like you to name who we have signed from the premier league last season. I think it is two: Andy Chatters and Baz Smith. Andy hasn’t played for 14 weeks. Other players we have signed have come from junior football and many of them are in their first seasons playing this standard.

Management skills: Am I not as good as I think I am? I’ve never really thought of it. I enjoy the job and you cannot please everyone. I will do what I think is right for the team and I will not be influenced by anyone on who to pick and who not to. Gareth Arter is a good young player who I had hoped would be pushing for a 1st team place. Since pre-season he has not attended a training session, and the door is never shut for any player. This rubbish “if your face doesn’t fit your out of the 1st team”? – Players are picked to play for the 1st team on ability, commitment and most of all, ambition. If they show all of these anybody has a chance. ” (Steve Taylor)

January 21st ’04

Question – ” Hello – After your recent visit to the Hawthorns, I was surprised at the standard of football you played considering you came down from the premier! Have you lost players or low in confidence? Look forward to visiting you later in the season.” – from a Stanway Rovers supporter.

Answer – “Thank you for your comments. I thought we were the better side in the 1st half on Saturday – I think you would find your manager would agree? In the second half we lost two sloppy goals early on and I agree, our standard did drop a lot. I felt 4-1 flattered you, as did your manager after the game. Yes, we have lost a few players but we were without 3 key players through injuries and suspensions. You asked about the standard of play? We came down from the premier because we weren’t good enough – enough said. ” (Steve Taylor)

January 16th ’04

Question – “Has Gareth Lippiatt been signed by Soham as a way of luring Colin Wells over to Julius Martin Lane? .

Answer – “My thoughts were the same but after speaking to Colin I was assured this was not the case. I also spoke to Gareth and he has told myself he needs a new challenge. I feel he will have a big challenge to get in their team otherwise he will be nicknamed ‘Splinter’ ” (Steve Taylor)

January 7th ’04

Question – “Is it true that Andy Chatters is only staying until his ban finishes because Ely paid his fine for him and then he is off back to Soham? I’m sure this will be strongly refuted but I am adamant that u cannot rule out this happening”.

Answer – “Andy Chatters paid his own fine. He played his last games before his ban for nothing – Soham had already put a 7 days in for him and he didn’t go. However, I cannot rule him out going but he has showed some commitment if he is to leave. He has been training regularly. Also he’s been coming away to support the team so I would be very surprised if he did leave. ” (Steve Taylor)

December 7th ’03

Question – “Can Steve let the supporters know why the fan’s favourite, Bertie Baker, is not pulling on the Red Shirt? With all the suspensions etc it would be a real boost to have Bertie battling in midfield again. Come On You Robins!” – Question from John

Answer – “With the Bertie Baker situation, it was decided by myself and Wammo that we had to take some action against Mark to show that no player is bigger than the managers or club. He was asked to come training following the Thetford defeat and he was the only player who didn’t attend. That said, he was then asked to play on the Saturday and after being told he would be sub he refused to play in the F.A Vase game away at Fakenham the following week. Despite numerous phone calls by myself and Wammo he still refused to play that week but told us he would play the following week. So, he was given the ultimatum to play that week or not at all. He chose the ‘not at all’ option – so he made his own mind up. As managers we hold no grudges and I like Mark as a person. If he decided to swallow his pride and asked to play for us again we would accommodate him as I know Wammo has spoken to him already” (Steve Taylor)

December 6th ’03

Question – “Steve, as we are now half way through a season that appears to be one of the most open and competitive for a while who do you think will be the teams that are pushing for promotion when April/May comes around?” – Question from ‘Boony’

Answer – “Boony, hope you’re well. Good question! Having seen most of the teams now I would predict it’s between 6 clubs for the three promotion places. Even though the league looks close now I would expect 5 or 6 teams to pull away after Christmas, with suspensions and injuries playing a key role – I know as we ourselves have an horrific injury list and suspensions to deal with.

Ok here goes: Harwich to win it. Leiston going well and Ipswich Wanderers going well also it’s going to be tough for the local clubs to get in the mix but if ourselves Cambridge City and your club, Goddy, can hang in there I hope we can all have a say in the final outcome. But remember Boony, leagues are not won or lost at Christmas, but can have a massive say who starts the new year in a good position. I am glad you are half way through the season some of us are 5 games away from that yet. Look after yourself mate ” (Steve Taylor)

December 3rd ’03

Question – “Similar question 2 my last one. What I meant by the contract thing is do you think that it should be brought in for the semi-professional clubs from ridgeons league upwards 2 have contracts as a written law so players, managers, coaches etc know exactly where they stand.Is there a way to approach the FA and ask them whether this is a plausable idea? ”

Answer – “I do not know if you can approach the FA about this matter – they will be able to answer your question better than myself. The second part of your question would be a ‘No’. I don’t think it would benefit every club. In fact in some club’s cases it could bring financial hardship and pressure on the club to honour these contracts and cause clubs to drop to a lower league . ” (Steve Taylor)

December 1st ’03

Question – “Sorry got to ask the question again. I am a Wisbech Town supporter and with Roy resigning yesterday have you been asked by anyone at the club about becoming manager at Fenland Park? Also I see you had a piece in your local press about the job are these just rumors or is there some truth in this matter? ” – Question was from Kevin (again).

Answer – “This question keeps coming up. Once again I have to say I have had no contact with Wisbech Town Football Club – Matter Closed. ” (Steve Taylor)

November 27th ’03

Question – “I would like your views on the Cambridge City Reserves issue.Lowestoft have had a similar problem this week with them. Do you think it devalues the Ridgeons competition for other clubs? & what do you think should be done when they blatantly play first team players in a reserve fixture? ” – Question was from Ricca.

Answer – “The Cambridge City fiasco is not news to me. I’ve had experience of them a few season ago – also Histon are the same and Kings Lynn. They should abide by the rules the same as we have to. We are only allowed to play two 1st team players in our reserves who have participated in the last two 1st team games.

The Rigeons league should stand up to these so called senior clubs as they de-value not just cup competitions but also the league in fielding strengthened teams. I can see it now: a Cambridge City V Histon final – what a joke that would be? The worst thing could happen is if a club is going for promotion then they come against City who are the worst culprits and they field a strong team and get a result all the hard work that club had done would go out of the window. The league should stop it now! or expel these clubs from the league or all cup competitions from next season if these rules are broken.

The league could set out from next season a rule where any club who is fielding a reserve team in any of the leagues shall only play two 1st team players at any one time in the league or cup competitions who has played the last two 1st team games, if not points will be deducted or they will be expelled from the cup competitions. The league should not shy away from these senior clubs as they need the league more than the league needs them.” (Steve Taylor)

November 26th ’03

Question – “Have you ever thought of putting both players and managers on fixed term contracts, say renewed every 6 months or so? I feel this would benefit every club from level 3 upwards if this was a law brought in by the F.A.What do you think?”

Answer – “I agree it would benefit both managers and players,the problem is I don’t think the club had ever had a contract player? It would make our job easier knowing that our best players would not be lured away by other clubs unless they are prepared to pay a fee also it would protect our younger players. Maybe I’m not the person to ask? Your question should be brought to the attention of the committee and chairman. Maybe they would be able to give you a club answer rather than my opinion. ” (Steve Taylor)

November 25th ’03

Question – “Can you confirm the rumours that your bringing Seb Cameron back to the club? I think he would be a great addition. Do you also admit it was perhaps hasty getting rid of him considering your other left back Jimmy Unwin’s nightmare injury record? ” – Question was from ‘Peter James’

Answer – “Another wind up? No, I don’t regret getting rid of him. I would rather play myself – another rumor quashed ” (Steve Taylor)

November 14th ’03 (Note from Web-Ed: I’ve put this one up even though it appears to be a repeat of the previous rumour)

Question – “I’ve heard today Steve Taylor is going to Wisbech as manager …….my question is would he sign a contract to stay at Ely City the same as Trevor Munns at Mildenhall if so has he been offered one and if not why not? ” – Question was from ‘Tim’

Answer – “Don’t know where this has come from? And yes, I would sign a contract to stay at Ely City. Is that loyal enough? ” (Steve Taylor)

November 8th ’03

Question – “Is it true Steve Taylor is being lined up to take over the reigns at Wisbech Town? I’ve heard from a good source this is the case.” – Question was from ‘Kev’

Answer – “This is news to me. No, I don’t want to leave as I’m enjoying my time here very much.” ” (Steve Taylor)

November 5th ’03

Question – “Whats the trick of turning the club round, as we could do with some of that ?” – Question was from ‘Rabbit’

Answer – “Well, all we have done is work hard to get players who have the right attitude and are prepared to listen. Football is a team game and we are all part of the team: players, management, committee and supporters – most of all get back to basics. ” (Steve Taylor)

November 2nd ’03

Question – “As Steve Taylor has such strong views on the Warboys-Walden fiasco could he shed some light on what is going to happen between the two clubs next season when Walden are accepted into the Jewson League and where will that leave Warboys? Same as this year do you think? ”

Answer – “After this weeks meeting involving the Ridgeons League committee and the two clubs involved it was decided that Warboys home games must be played at Warboys and not at Saffron Walden as proposed. In my opinion that’s good thing because of the likes of Somersham who are only 4 miles down the road, and this is their local derby. Otherwise they would have to travel 40 miles for their local derby game.

The answer to your other question is more difficult. I did speak to the Walden Chairman or President the other evening after we had played them, and he told me Warboys Town were rebuilding with a view to playing next season and that they (SW) would join the league as Saffron Walden. This might happen but in my opinion this won’t happen. Walden will join the league but I feel Warboys will pull out all together and all they are doing this season is stopping themselves getting a fine if they don’t fulfil their fixtures. I hope this is not the case and that Warboys will continue to play in the league, but I have seen their set up first hand and they will struggle unless they have a injection of cash from somewhere. Please note this is my opinion only and not that of Ely City Football Club.” (Steve Taylor)

October 28th ’03

Question – “Why are you bringing player’s from Posh’s youth team when there are players available in Ely City reserves? ”

Answer – “Good question – the answer is more difficult. I am hoping to bring in maybe one or two when needed for cover. For the long term it would be ideal for reserve players to stake their claim: take Gary Dewsbury who has come in and done really well for us, and also Matt Brody who has been involved a couple times. The biggest problem is that it’s got to work both ways. I have had excess players for the 1st team on a number of occasions and I have asked if they can play in the reserves. I have then had the answer ‘we are doing ok and I don’t want to change it’….so I’m left with 5 players on the bench when only 3 are needed and also maybe two being left out all together, so it’s got to work both ways. I have expressed my views to the chairman and also the committee addressing this….” (Steve Taylor)

October 17th ’03

Question – “Are the lads havin the same crack as they did last year? Grapevine says that there is a SLIGHT split in the camp?is this true? ”

Answer – “The answer to your question is simple. Last season Ely got relegated and did probably did have a craic. This season is about winning football matches and if a player thinks he is bigger than the club or the managers he will be put into his place. We need a squad of players who all have the same ambition and show professionalism to achieve our goals as far as I’m aware there is no split in the camp. ” (Steve Taylor)

Ed’s Note: Yup, I think you’re referring to ‘The Craic’. More details here .You don’t get this sort of stuff on other footy web-sites y’know.

October 7th ’03

Question – “What’s happened to Martin Grey and Steve Walsh?”

Answer – “Martin Grey is at university in Leeds and will be able to travel back by train once he is settled in, for Saturdays only. I’m in contact with him and he will let me know when his available. Steve Walsh has played one league game this season, away at Thetford, but he lives in Norwich so the distance is the biggest problem with him.” (Steve Taylor)


Dennis Lightning

Dennis Lightning

Article date: 8 October 2006

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