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Current squad       Team: All.
Records 1 to 80 of 80.
Surname Forename Date signed Team Position(s)
Abbs Lee The A Team  Striker
Alsop Alan 1st Team  Assistant Manager
Alsop Jamie 22/07/2007 1st Team  Defender
Arter Gareth Reserves  defender
Ashton Matthew Reserves  Defender
Bailey Aaron 27/07/2005 Under 18’s  Midfield
Beech Josh 09/10/2007 1st Team 
Beech Tom 1st Team  Forward
Blackman Dean 01/08/2005 1st Team  Defender
Blakeley Martin Reserves  Reserve Manager
Brodie Darren The A Team 
Brown Tony 01/08/2004 1st Team  Defender
Brumby Anthony The A Team  Defender
Buddle Ryan 01/08/2004 Under 18’s  Defender
Callear Alex 01/08/2005 Under 18’s  Defender
Catley Tim 22/11/2002 1st Team  Goalkeeper
Chatters Andy 1st Team 
Claydon Brett 26/07/2007 1st Team  Defender
Collins Aaron Under 18’s  Midfield
Cornwell David Reserves  Forward
Daniels Dave 07/07/2007 1st Team  Forward
Dewsbury Gary 01/08/2003 Reserves  Midfield
Dewsbury Richard 01/12/2004 1st Team  Midfield
Dorn Craig Reserves  MIdfield
Earwaker Lance Under 18’s  Defence/Midfield
Farrow Simon Under 18’s  Left side
Flack Neil 1st Team 
Flitton Russell 24/08/2007 1st Team 
Follen Leigh 01/08/2004 Reserves  Goalkeeper
Francis Andrew Reserves  Winger
Gayfer Jamie Reserves  Forward
Grey Martin Reserves  Defender
Grimster Richard 1st Team 
Hart Liam Under 18’s  Forward
Hilliard James Under 18’s  Goalkeeper
Holmes Andrew The A Team  Manager
Hoppitt Tom Reserves 
Hunter Chris 08/08/2007 1st Team  Midfield
Hutton Rory 1st Team 
James Lee 07/07/2007 1st Team  Forward
Johnston Mark 10/08/2006 1st Team  Midfield
Kane Sloane Under 18’s  Goalkeeper
Kirby Mark 30/07/2007 1st Team  Midfield
Lawrence Ben 01/08/2007 1st Team  Defender
Lee Andrew Reserves  Midfield
Lightning Dennis 1st Team  Manager
Luckings Rob 27/07/2005 Under 18’s  Defender
Lupson Chris Reserves  Forward/Midfield
Mason Robbie 01/09/2004 1st Team  Forward
Masters Josh Under 18’s 
Menarry Robert 27/07/2005 Under 18’s  Defender
Mitchell Danny Reserves  Midfield
Murfitt Jody Under 18’s  Forward
Murfitt Sam 08/11/2005 Under 18’s  Right Midfield
O.G. 1st Team 
Pacey Lee 05/07/2007 1st Team  Goalkeeper
Parker Rob Reserves  DEFENDER (or striker if you ask him)
Pell Tom 01/10/2006 1st Team  Midfield/Forward
Pettit Andy 04/11/2007 1st Team 
Pollard Stephen Reserves  Forward
Ransome Nick 27/07/2005 Under 18’s  Forward
Read James 1st Team 
Reid Steven Under 18’s  Midfield
Rollings Stuart Reserves  Defender
Salmons Jim Reserves 
Sands John 10/08/2007 1st Team  Forward
Sawalhi Samir Under 18’s  Forward
Scarrow Vinny 1st Team  Physio
Smith Dave 10/08/2006 1st Team  Midfield
Smith Jamie Reserves  Defender
Speed Tony 01/10/2006 1st Team  Defence/Midfield
Spencer Ross Under 18’s  Right side
Spring Dale Reserves  Assistant Manager
Stone Brady 01/08/2006 1st Team  Defence
Taylor Jamie Under 18’s  Midfield
Tilsley Nathanael 27/07/2005 Under 18’s  Defender
Tuck Steve Reserves  Midfield/Striker
Tyte Will 27/07/2005 Under 18’s  Midfielder
Waite Danny 27/07/2005 Under 18’s  Midfield
Warren Simon 01/08/2004 1st Team  Midfield
Records 1 to 80 of 80.

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