Betting on non-league football

Although most football bets are in the most famous local leagues, there is also a large betting market for matches and teams that do not belong to the most named football leagues.

 In Non-league football matches you can find great treasures in which odds are concerned. There are very attractive matches to invest money, some punters prefer only Non-league football since the win ratio is a just more secure than in the leagues of first level (EPL).

Non-league football bets can be found in some bookies, but not all bookmakers have a wide selection of bets for this kind of football. The good thing is that the bookmakers that offer these odds for Non-league football, are among the most famous in the world: Betfair, Paddy Power, Bet365 among others.

Why is that interesting?

Non-league football offers an advantage for punters, especially for punters or fanatics who live in the region where a team of one of those leagues trains and plays. The advantage that the punters have with Non-league football, is the information about the matches. This information is often much more accurate and comes from more reliable sources.

Non-league football teams do not have the same safety or tightness in the lineups or tactics they will use before the match, almost all that information comes to light long before the match starts and can be use in favor of the punters.

It is not necessary to have an extensive knowledge about the teams of Non-league football, so as to have the data on the rankings and the last results of the matches at hand is enough to be informed and up-to-date. Most non-league football teams have websites where they share all information about statistics, match results, injured players, etc. In addition, on the websites to see scores, there’s also a wide range of data available for each team, such as: H2H, O / U stats, odds, etc.

As in any other sport, bets have to be based on information to be able to add a real value to the money that is going to be stake on a team.

Is it profitable to bet on Non-league football?

It is very profitable, it is one of the easiest ways to get money in football. The best thing about Non-league football is that the results are much more predictable than in the first level leagues.

The odds on the bets for Non-league football are usually very good, the “favorites” are almost always above 1.50.

There have been cases where several people agree to bet large amounts of money on Non-league football matches, especially when you have high quality information. In 2009 several bookies paid a total of € 1,000,000 to more than 100+ punters who managed to obtain information about the Weymouth FC team. It turns out that the fans learned that most of the players were on strike, and the fans decided to bet against. Nice call!

Good bets are on the side of favorites, especially league leaders. Each favorite can win almost all home matches and most of the visitor matches as well. Odds do not change that much over time, it’s one of the advantages of Non-League football.

Non-League football bets should be made with caution, as its amateur football, some non-favorite teams often score a lot of goals in a surprising way and can win the match. It all depends on the taste of the punters for the odds and matches that are available.

The most recommended strategy for Non-league football is to stick with favorites and avoid underdogs, unless you have a lot of information about it. The approach that must be done to these inferior leagues, is very careful, since abusing the luck of Non-league football or to test some betting system is very risky and can result in an economic disaster for the punter bankroll.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Non-league football?


The matches are not so flashy because of the little publicity, this translates into more profitable odds. In addition the best odds can be found in the most trusted and most secure bookmakers.

The favorites always win the matches. The winning percentage of the favorites in Non-league football is 70% or maybe more, everything depends on the rival team. It is advisable to wait for the favorite teams to face the last teams in the classification table of the respective localities.

The betting options are very similar to the other matches played in the most popular leagues. You get better odds and even better quality choices by using Non-league football. Among the betting options that can be found for Non-league football are: Asian Handicap, Draw no bet, Halves, etc. Remember to use a promo code for betting of want to register a new account.

There are several specialised websites in Non-league football. These websites have a wide collection of news, statistics and the latest data on the most interesting matches of the week. Many of the websites have first-hand information, with sources of information very close to the equipment in question.


The matches offer is not as wide in most bookies, sometimes it is very difficult to find the best matches. When you find Non-league football matches available, it is best to take advantage of them immediately to prevent them from disappearing.

As you can see, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Do not be afraid of betting in Non-league football, on the contrary, punters should study each and every one of the possibilities of profit that have bets for this type of football that is offered more than everything in Europe.

In general, betting on Non-league football is one of the best alternatives for punters who want to get out of the routine of betting only on England’s number one leagues. The follow-up to non-league football teams is a passive follow-up, with no need to read much statistics, just watch out for updates for the rankings in each of the local small leagues.

Where to bet on non league ?

Very few operators take the risk to offer to the players the chance to earn big. For two reasons: because stats are less relevant and because fixed matches are more frequent, they do not have the control on the game.

Only 3 operators have an decent offer on the non league : Betfair, Paddy Power and Coral. Among these 3 bookies, we do recommend to use the Paddy Power promotion code free bet offer to put a high stake on a challenger.